• Rhonda Julian, Founder of the Paint Her Pink Foundation, credits her daughter with saving her life. On February 24, 2013, six year old Jada accidentally elbowed her mom in the breast and uncovered a lump nearly two inches in diameter.

  • Concerned with the impact of her daughter's clumsiness, Rhonda went to Whittier Street Health Center in Boston and was scheduled for a precautionary ultrasound three weeks later. The nurse called the following week to tell Rhonda that while she did not have any damage from Jada's pointy little elbow, she did have breast cancer.  In just three days, Rhonda was officially diagnosed with Stage II Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and was labelled progesterone and estrogen positive.

  • In late April, Rhonda began eight rounds of chemotherapy. After hearing that her hair would begin to fall, she prepared, not just for a new look, but for a new state of mind. Facebook posting became a frequency as she noticed the concern and immediate interest of breast cancer, and particularly breast cancer in women her age. Post after post, she illustrated her journey as it brought her closer to an ideal of what cancer should be and how it should be treated.

  • In an effort to build awareness in young women, Rhonda set her blank face as a canvas. To represent all cancer patients, she worked with local artists and photographers to create "Thank You" cards.  Her goal was to show through art, that she is revived, fulfilled even in the absence of hair, breasts and identity. Her mission through her own treatment was to create confidence in young women by offering a means of expression and glorification using their own canvas, their own bodies. With what was once an idea to simply show gratitude, she created The Paint Her Pink Foundation.

  • While preparing two events in just two months, she also is acknowledged for doing so while undergoing the residuals of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. Today, with the help of so many, The Paint Her Pink Foundation is off and running to help young women with breast cancer gain a level of confidence and financial relief as they make their way through their own journeys.